Plants Cranfield


While Alban Hill Nurseries goes out of its way to boost our shoppers' comfort and convenience by featuring a coffee shop, we know full well that the number one reason why shoppers go to garden centres and nurseries is to shop for plants and planting materials. While we have gone the extra mile in providing extra value-boosting touches to our shoppers' experience, our main focus remains where it should be: plants Cranfield residents love and adore!

Bedding Plants

Simply put, we pick our plant offerings in a very strategic way. We don't simply copy the same roster of plants other garden centres in the region offer. We don't simply offer the same materials. This would not be keeping your best gardening interests in mind. Instead, we use our many years of experience to stock only the kind of plants Cranfield gardeners use for great-looking gardens. Using this highly localised approach, we ensure that our customers can pick only from the plants Cranfield-area residents seek out and enjoy. This localised approach ensures that our customers use plants Cranfield homeowners prefer. This is the Alban Hill Nurseries difference. We use a tailored and localised approach for all the items we sell.

Garden Plants

From planting materials, to seeds, to equipment, to accessories, we make sure that whatever we sell makes a lot of sense on the local scene. We don't merely use a product list that isn't grounded on local market realities and local market demand. We care strongly about our customers' gardening success. This is why we go out of our way to ensure that everything we offer more than meets local gardeners' needs.

Plants Cranfield  Plants Cranfield  Plants Cranfield