Growing potatoes

Growing potatoes

Potatoes are as easy to grow in bags as they are in the ground and to make things easier, we have strong reusable potato growing bags for sale.

First they need to be chitted: this means allowing them to produce shoots. Stand them in egg boxes with the end showing the most 'eyes' pointing up and place in a cool, bright frost free place. Once the shoots have reached 1 inch long, they are ready to plant out either in the ground or in bags.

Fill the bag with 6 inches of good quality vegetable growing compost and plant 3-5 potatoes just below this level. When the growth reaches 9 inches, start earthing up. Simply put this is the process of carefully drawing soil up (in the case with bags, adding more compost) over the new shoots. As the new stems start growing, keep adding compost until the bag is full. This increases yield, helps prevent potatoes from turning green due to exposure to sunlight but also helps to protect the foliage from frost. It is important to keep well watered in dry weather trying to keep water splashing onto the leaves to a minimum. Apply a balanced liquid fertiliser fortnightly.


Varieties in stock:

Arran Pilot, Duke Of York, Epicure, Foremost, Home Guard, Maris Bard, Pentland Javelin, Red Duke Of York, Rocket, Swift, Charlotte, Estima, Desiree, Pentland Crown, Record, Romano, Casablanca, Piccolo Star, Shetland Black, International Kidney, Jelly, Mayan GOld, Rubesse and Salad Blue.

Loose varieties: Rocket, Vales Emerald, Carlingford and Charlotte.